Solarisation of feeders | Solar Pumps Tool

Which districts are suitable for 'Solarisation of feeders'?

Changing the source of power at the feeder level will ensure a rapid and cost-effective transition to solar-based irrigation on a large scale. The tool filters all districts where 'Power purchase rate for DISCOM' is more than INR 3.5/kWh. Th]. This allows us to compare the cost of the current power source with solar. The tool also filters districts where 'Extent of feeder segregation' is greater than 50%. This helps determine if there is a dedicated line for agriculture connections that can be energised during day time (8 am to 5 pm). Finally, the tool filters all districts where the 'Proportion of cultivators using electric pumps percentile' is higher than 50%. The higher the proportion, the higher the conversion to solar, and farmers will require no additional cost to transition.