Individually owned off-grid solar pumps | Solar Pumps Tool

Which districts are suitable for 'Individually owned off-grid solar pumps'?

Solar for irrigation has been largely promoted through this approach so far, i.e., farmers purchasing-stand-alone solar pumps of varying capacities with significant government support. Ownership of pumps provides easy and reliable access to irrigation.

The tool filters all districts where 'Number of cultivators reporting use of diesel pumps percentile' is more than 50%. They are the most probable group to switch to solar power under this model. The tool also filters where 'Score on Water Scarcity Index' is greater than 0.75. This indicates areas where there is groundwater availability for irrigation, thereby determining long term economic viability.

Additionally, the tool also filters for districts where 'Crop revenue per holding (INR) percentile' is greater than 50%. The higher the revenue, the higher the appetite for investment. Finally, the tool looks for districts where 'Medium and long-term credit disbursed in a year (INR) percentile' is more than 50%. This enhances the likelihood of farmers taking loans for purchasing solar pumps.